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In this world of science and technology robotics is one of the boom to the world. Recently, there has been increasing interest in the emerging field of robotics. Today’s robots are mechanical arms controlled by computers that are programmed to perform a range of handling activities. They are establishing themselves in manufacturing automation systems to produce a range of goods with great precision. The emerging era of robots calls for different types of skills. Entering non-industrial areas, the first fledgling robots for domestic use are coming off the production lines. Robots are being used in hazardous places, such as outer space or under the sea. Technical advances are gradually endowing robots with properties that actually increase their similarity to humans
In this paper we are going to present an idea of robotics and its applications in various fields that we come across. With their computational and agile skills robots perform tasks that are difficult or hazardous to humans. One area where robots are beginning to excel in, and which causes less controversial debate on their usefulness, is as explorers. The exploration of Mars has long been considered as a major goal in the exploration of the Solar System. This exploration is performed by using robots known as Mars Exploration Rovers. We are going to present a view of the rover and its operation.