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Power Quality In Energy Conversion Systems



Power electronics and power quality are irrevocably linked together as we strive to advance both board areas. With the dramatic increases over the last20 years in energy conversion Systems utilizing power electronic devices, we have seen the emergence of “power quality” as a major field of power engineering. From a Power quality impact view point, applications such as Switched Mode Power Supplies, adjustable speed drives, and FACTS are often cause for concern. From utility supply system view point, these converter-based systems can lead to Operational and life expectancy problems for other equipment , possibly not owned or operated by the same party. It was from his initial perspective that the field of power quality emerged.
In most cases, the same devices and systems that create Power quality problems can also be used to solve power quality problems." Problems solving” applications such as active harmonic filters, Uninterruptible power supplies all utilize the same switching device technology as the “problem causing” applications.
In this paper we first discuss what power quality is and then various Categories of power quality .Harmonics is identified as potential power quality problem. We discuss effects of harmonics and methods to minimize harmonics. Finally we discuss various IEEE Standards in case of power quality problems.

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