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Quantum cryptography-Making Code Unbreakable



Secure communication without Eavesdropping is a major issue. Though initially Internet and other networks were built for universities , its applications have reached fields like business and e-commerce where sharing of private and critical details like credit card numbers should not exposed to attack of Eavesdropping . In recent times many schemes have been published and implemented like systems involving RSA algorithm for public key encryption which are based on unproven computational difficulty of certain mathematical functions. These schemes have been shown to break progressively over the years , leading to an increase in the complexity of the schemes used to establish a secure communication. The complexity has nowadays reached its limits ,thus hampering communications with regard to the speed . We wish to present quantum cryptography which is seen as uncrackable and a thing of not-so-far future . It relies on the cutting edge laws of physics like quantum properties of some matter (sub atomic particles ,photons) to establish a secure way to share a public key. It is still in the infant stages of development with constraints regarding duplicate channel , photon generation and recognition equipment . So there is lot of scope for study in the field encryption systems with new algorithms to break the existing ones in record time and thus

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