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Special Purpose Machines



Day by day the interest on special machines increases. Because these machines serves for several applications.For instance,the nano generator could drive biological sensors by making use of wind energy or water flow,eliminating the need for external batteries.This not only reduces the device cost but also at the same time reduces the entire equipment size. Integrated starter generator which is used in electric vehicles acts as a bidirectional energy converter as a motor when powered by the battery or a generator when driven by the engine.Linear motors are used to propel high speed MagLev trains.Micro motors plays an important role in computer hard drives,optics,sensors and actuators.A special type of outer rotor motors used to drive the polygonal rotating mirrors which are mounted directly on the rotor in laser printers. Our paper tries to introduce some of these machines and their applications in various fields.The recent developed technology of nano generators is included and its working is also explained.

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