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Web Databases Seminar

What are web databases?
easy access to information,dynamic content,efficient data collection and modification,conduits to legacy systems

Types of Tools
Extensions to existing database tools,HTML editors with database capabilities,Web database application servers,Programmatic tools or components for web database construction

Why Use Web Databases?
the web is a great medium for delivering information,databases are the perfect medium for managing information

Web Advantages
relatively easy to create pages,wide dissemination of material,cost is not an entry barrier

Web Disadvantages
static,primitive page layout,labor-intensive for large sites,incompatibilities (browser, server, languages),technology moves quickly

Database Advantages
well-established class of application,relatively easy to repurpose data,standard query language (SQL),efficient data storage

Database Disadvantages
tough to design,difficult to administer,limited access

Web Database Advantages
easy access to data,content can be repurposed,dynamic web content

Web Database Disadvantages
learning curve,can be expensive,security and copyright concerns,not indexed by search engines

Popularity of Web Databases
Web sites are hard to manage and maintain,The Web is chaotic (by definition!),Businesses are embracing the Web,corporations are run by databases

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