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Security and Privacy in Wireless LAN

Wireless local area networks (wireless LANs, or WLANs) are metamorphosing the landscape of computer networking. The use of mobile computing devices, such as laptops and personal digital assistants, coupled with the demand for continual network connections without having to "plug in," are driving the adoption of enterprise WLANs. Network managers are using WLANs to facilitate network moves, add-ons and changes. In addition, the inherent flexibility of WLANs overcomes limitations created by older buildings, leased spaces, or temporary work areas.
This topic is not only the most fundamental Internet Privacy and Security topic , but also arguably the most technical and complex one. When we think about computer security, networking security will surely be at the top of our list of considerations, as so many threats to our privacy and security are network borne.. So Ours is a little effort in laying out an advice for the future technocrats in making sure of their ideas and to give them the information which they can use it in a right way.

This paper not only furnishes the details about Wireless LANs but also bestows an abundant number of methods in which the security of these WLANs can be breached. It also contributes a myriad number of ways in which one can thwart the potential assault on the WLANs network.
Wireless LAN
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