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Lunar Solar Power



Out of all the renewable and non-polluting sources solar power become the most the primary source of commercial power for every one in the world to achieve the same high standard of living. Over the past 200 years the developed nations have vastly increased their creation of per capita income compared to the other nations. In parallel, the developed nations increased the use of commercial thermal power to ~6.9Kwt/person. In fact, most people in the developing nations use much less commercial thermal power and most have little (or) no access to electric power. By the year 2050, people will require at least 20,000 GWe of power. This requires approximately 60,000 GWt of conventional thermal power generation. Such enormous thermal energy consumption will exhaust economical recoverable deposits of coal, shale, oil, natural gas, uranium and thorium. As a result, of conventional systems become useless. Terrestrial renewable systems are always captive to global climate change induced by volcanoes, natural variation in regional climate, industrial haze and possibly even microclimates induced by large area collectors. Over the 21-st century, a global stand -alone system for renewable power would cost thousand of trillions of dollars to build and maintain. Energy costs could consume most of the world's wealth. We need a power system that is independent of earth's biosphere and provides an abundant energy at low cost. To do this man -kind must collect dependable solar power in space and reliably send it to receivers on earth. The MOON is the KEY.

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