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Non Conventional Energy Sources Waste To Electrical Energy (WTEE) Technology Generating Wealth From Garbage



What happened on May, 2004 in Mumbai?
Due to failure of local grid. The business capital of India jammed for hours. Being largest railway network city, even the locals also stick to tracks. This incident shows the human connection with electricity. Electrical energy is an essential ingredient for all activities, as well as the lifeblood of economies throughout the world. It plays a vital role for economic growth and quality life improvements: with the increase in population of the world. The demand for power has gradually increased. Hence the burden on the countries, especially developing countries like India have increased to meet the demands in the present day. Most of the demands are met by conventional sources such as fossil fuels, hydal, nuclear power etc.
The use of these sources have not only resulted in their depletion. But also increased the population. Hence there is a great need for improving technology in the use of non-conventional sources of energy which could greatly decrease the environmental needs and which would assure the future needs particles to rural people at affordable rates.
This paper presents an overview of waste to electrical energy technology The basic concept and different features of WTEE is described. It includes the various processes to produce Refused Desire Fuel (RDF), its characteristics and classifications. This shows the solution to disposal of municipal and agricultural solid waste which is an increasing problem today and the developments and goals are described.

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