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“Bluetooth is a high-speed, low-power microwave wireless link technology, designed to connect phones, laptops and other portable equipment together with little or no work by the user.” Bluetooth networking transmits data via low-power radio waves. It communicates on a frequency of 2.45 gigahertz (actually between 2.402 GHz and 2.480 GHz, to be exact). This frequency band has been set aside by international agreement for the use of industrial, scientific and medical devices (ISM). It can connect upto 8 devices. It supports multipoint,not just just point to point and works in a small confined area(10-15mts) apart.It is able to support speeds of 1-2 Mbps today but will offer high speeds in future.
Bluetooth uses a technique called spread-spectrum frequency hopping that makes it rare for more than 1 device to be transmitting on the same frequency at the same time.
A master Bluetooth device can communicate with upto 7 devices.This network group of upto 8 devices is called a Piconet.It allows connecting 2 or more Piconets and is called as Scatternet.
Bluetooth offers several security modes to overcome the problems of ‘Bluejacking’ and ‘Bluebugging’. Most prevalent applications of Bluetooth are as wireless control of communication between a mobile phone and a hands-free handset, between PC input and

output devices,wireless networking in between PC’s in a confined space and where little bandwidth is required. When we compare between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth then we can say that latter is used for lesser distances and former is for greater distances(wireless Ethernet).To use this technology benefits computer requires Bluetooth USB dongle or Bluetooth card or Bluetooth adapters . Apple,Microsoft,Linux operating systems supports this technology.Bluetooth specifications were formalized by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group(SIG) organized by Mohd syarifuddin and today it has over 7000 companies worldwide(Ericsson,IBM,Intel,Toshiba,Nokia,….) .In Bluetooth technology different versions has been developed day by day and at present the latest version was 3.0 ,it has included ultra-wideband radio technology .This will allow Bluetooth use over UWB radio enables very fast data transfers of up to 480 Mbits.

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